Feb 27, 2014

Fable Fable

Fairy tale endings are just another way of giving false hope to the audience to have them believe in an unrealistic event that will, or most likely will not happen in their lifetime. Fiction. Fable. Untrue. 

Fable Fable

Feelings has changed as time flew by us ever so quickly,
The smiles on our face no longer feel the same,
The woes between us put everything else in shame,
With you, I promised I would never ever get mad,
With me around, never will you ever feel sad.

The memories we had are the ones I treasure most,
It did not matter if we ever gotten at all close,
Like the clear skies we gaze up on every night,
Uncertain on the star counts gives us all a fright,
Feels as if you are no longer there,
Feels as if you no longer care,

I will be watching like the moon that watches at night from afar,
I will be gone in no time if you want me to just like a shooting star,
Fallen from grace for my own doings,
Blinded by emotions just like any human beings,
To be fooled by the clown I stared at the mirror,
I am down on my knees waiting for a savior,
Wake me up from this sinful nightmare,
Of hate and love and everything that is of a snare,
There is just too much I cannot explain,
I have nothing to gain but why is there so much pain?

I will stay away from your sight if it is no longer me you want to see,
I will disappear from your life if that is what you ask of me,
To protect you from all harm is what I vowed for,
Even now it will be you that I will die for,
I will not change one bit even though the sun no longer rise,
For I am praying each day that He will bless me with a surprise.

fairy tale endings are just beautifully crafted nightmares.