Jan 21, 2014


Feels like drinking kerosene, the burning sensation that it causes... not like it matter anyway. 


One sip to drown out the sorrows,
Not knowing what awaits me tomorrow,
You gave me so much hope last year,
But why is the feeling no longer here?
It’s like a completed puzzle with a missing piece,
The inconsistency is not giving me any peace,
I am curious on where do I really stand?
I am lost for words and I need your hand,
To tell me that it was just overthinking and that I am wrong,
And not “hey this is a game and I thought you knew it all along”,

One sip to put aside all the sadness,
Not knowing what will bring the next madness,
Like I thought it worked out really well,
We both have endless stories to tell,
I admire your energy and your cherubic smile,
Not forgetting your confidence and all of your style,
I felt like it changed and I still don’t know why,
The curiosity kills me why won’t it just let me die?
A new day will come as the sorrows fades away,
I want you to know that I am here to stay,
Though my heart is wounded with a disappointment scar,
I promise to be here watching and protecting from afar.

Trust the fool, who will stick to his words,
The last thing he would wanna see is you getting hurt,
Have faith in him and he is one you can trust,
Once again, trust him, trust Nicholas.

once again, trust Nicholas