Jan 10, 2014

the haloed fool

Love is unconditional for it asks for nothing in return,
To be loved is to feel like you’re belonged.


Maybe she do not know of my existence,
And what if she does not feel like I feel,
What it takes for her to notice my presence?
And what should I do to let her know I am for real?

Cold drizzly nights,
Summoned to protect my seraphic beauty,
From pitch black obscurity that rules with might,
With lurking temptations that tends to get flirty,
We traveled under the howling star that shines so bright,
With me assuring her that no evil would get her hands dirty,
I will be watching and protecting,
Like an old owl who sits alone hooting,
Gazing at all who brings harm,
To my one and only charm.

Cornered with nowhere to go,
Like a body without a soul,
I stood quietly waiting for the right time,
And to hope that one-day she’ll understand
That my love for her is not a crime,
And I will be there to not only hold her hand,
For there will be no mountains I wouldn’t climb,
Just to say “I love” and to make amends,
I will always care,
And I promise that I will be there.

To see her falling into slumber is a blessing,
Serene as it seems I never wanted it to end,
Will she ever know that I will stay here waiting?
Even if I have to be the hellish contraband,
Despised by everyone and every single being,
Hated by the creation of the almighty we call ‘men’,
Not all damned spells deceive,
For I am one in which love is my belief,
Outcast and alone in this lonely world; story of a fallen angel and a lovely girl.

I’ll be your guardian demon,
Protecting and watching from afar,
Watchful with the eyes of the cold serpent,
That shines like the glittering stars,
No harm should go her way,
For I’ll keep her safe and sound,
Guarding her night and day,
Protecting her as if she’s the kings’ crown.

one that I can't risk, one that I will always miss.