Jan 6, 2014


Don't Be Afraid: I Promise 

Close your eyes,
Reach out your hands,
It’s not a game of dice,
I hope you understand.
Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid

It’s just a feeling,
One that makes you unwilling,
To come back and live the life you’re living,
Away from home where you felt betrayed,
With no true love you feel life has gone astray,
The fear that resides you could make or break,
And what’s not helping are those ‘friends’ so fake,
Leaving you lonely with no shoulders to cry on,
At times you wonder how could you carry on?

It’s just a feeling,
That one could feel it’s not right,
No hope no strength no will to stay in this fight,
With a blink of an eye you felt like you lost it all,
No friends no love and to your knees you fall,
Think about what is needed for you to survive?
It is only you that can get yourself revived,
Fear nothing darling for God is deep within,
Loving you for every second He is in,
Have faith and have trust in the Almighty creator,
I know you can you’re His dearest believer.

Close your eyes and gimme your hands,
Feel my heart and do you still don’t understand?
Don’t be afraid to take the road less taken,
You know your love is one thing I’ve never forsaken,
I promise I’ll be standing by in rain or shine,
And I promise I’ll be there even though you are not mine,
It hurts to hear you cry and to see you in pain,
It kills me inside and it too drives me insane,
Don’t shed the tears no more and kick out the fear,
You will not be alone for I will always be here.
Don’t be afraid, I promise.

I'll be right here.