Dec 13, 2013


In a basic puzzle, one is intended to put together pieces in a logical way in order to come up with the desired solution.


Ridicules the mind of the weak, insecure and the unaware,
Fallen prey to a trap whom they all know is there,
An ancient torment or a mythical lovers game?
One in which the players should feel no shame,
The connecting pieces could be far apart,
Pick up the first piece and listen to your heart.
A minds’ game not to prove are you right or wrong,
Nor to witness who is weak or strong,
Emotions so divine one can only say it is love,
Where did it come from if it is not from the above?
Each move you make brings you closer to solving the tease,
Darling don’t be afraid to lay down the first piece,
Courage is needed but so very often forgotten,
Clear your mind; get thee behind me Satan,
We stop moving because in us we find doubts,
Questions we have stacked up high to the darkest clouds,
Let us play this game together,
Putting the pieces back for each other,
We are not Gods or Prophets but that doesn’t mean that we are confused,
Laughing at every wrong move; how can we even be amused?
A puzzle so complicated no one could possibly understand,
Every attempt is like making a new amend,
How could we succeed if none of us is trying hard enough?
To the grave with our feelings if we were to play it tough,
Let me be the one who connects the first piece,
Rightfully so because it is you I miss.