Dec 15, 2013

Mindless Self Indulgence

Mindless Self Indulgence 

How are you doing there?
I’m sitting here wondering if you still care,
The early morn’ calls,
Or the simple wishes when night falls,
I’m missing them all,
Right here, right now.”

And so it was written on a small bright yellow paper,
Tucked in his front pocket as no where else could be any safer,
Here is the story of a troubled young mind,
Dazed as his body and soul just could not bind.

Accompanied by the flickering street lights,
A lonely dude sits alone tonight,
As he gaze out on the dimming lights of the moon,
He tells himself that she would be back real soon,
But what is good if the good is not what he wants,
Lonely hours, days and weeks if it is not months,
He would sit by the lake just to glimpse at the morning star,
If it is what it takes to feel her from afar,
What does it take to see what she sees?
Could it be real that the feeling is not a tease?
How can it be for each time he closes his eye?
His body and soul turns into something he himself despise,
He fought a battle though he know there could be no winner,
He too knows it will not make him a better sinner,
Troubled thoughts only he knows why,
Haunted by images of her tears as she cry,
He who remembers it all could just be ill sensitive,
But sensitivity is what makes him creative,
To realize who is around and what has happened,
He knows she is love and she will not be forgotten,
As curtains fall and lights dim down,
He stares on the floor with an unnoticeable frown,
He tried to mask his feelings on how deep it went,
As if he was expressing his love to an Angel heaven-sent,
I stood there watching as he expresses his unconditional love,
To his Angel whom he was sure was from up above,
He smiled as he was flipping images of her and screamed, “Hey, that’s my girl!”
He also added, “She’s my everything, she’s my world!”
With a gentle whisper he asked me, “I wonder if she knows it… at all”
I know not what to say for the wrong words could lead to his downfall,
And so I stood there not knowing what to do,
Thinking and tinkering on what could be true,
Like a soulless body as I stare into blank space,
And just when I was about to lose myself to this mindless race,
He waved at me just to check if I could still see,
That I am  “him” and he is actually…

I could lie to myself all day.