Dec 26, 2013

in the mind of a dreamer

Intoxicated, Beautiful and Messed Up 

I wanted to say so much,
To tell how I long for your touch,
Depressed, for I’m not inspired with words to write?
Desperate, and I’m turning myself to the devil tonight.

Where have you been my darling?
Can’t you see I’m here all alone crying,
I no longer hear from you as much as I want to,
I felt so lost when you left me standing without a clue,
All that was built feels like they’re tumbling down,
What else can I do if I don’t sit around and frown?
Missing your voice like the sun misses the moon,
Reunited only during an eclipse that can never come too soon.

Images of you grows stronger each time I close my eyes,
Reminding me of farewells and all the sad good byes,
The fresh memory of you waving your hand,
I felt happy as you leave though I don’t understand,
You called to ask if I’m okay as you moved further,
I said I was even with a smile I can still remember,
Forgetting how we are all slaves to our own emotions,
No minds are greater than ours that kills with our own depression,
What’s left of me now are images and recorded voices of you singing,
Do you even know who do I love and who am I missing?

I wonder if you knew how I am feeling inside,
This loud and proud man who would throw away his might,
Tormented by dreams that seems too good to be true,
Awakes to see no rainbows as I could only feel the blue,
Your presence now fills the void but only in my dreamland,
Where I could hear your angelic voice and hold your soft hands,
Never have I missed someone so much for as long as I remember,
And it all has to happen in this joyous month of December,
If I could use only one word to tell the world what you’re worth,
I would pick Gods’ most powerful weapon, for you are love.

I never wanted to be awaken from this beautiful lie,
If it’s what it takes to keep the smile then leave me there till the day I die,