Nov 9, 2013

Beautiful Sin

Beautiful Sin

I am writing you a song,
With no music to sing along,
This is the best I could do,
To tell you that it is true.

You’re like a gift from up above,
A creation so perfect that He should be proud of,
One who defines the true meaning of love,
You’re made to be cherished, adored and to be taken care of.

He took the wings off,
So you could walk,
He took the halo away,
So the others won’t mock,
He kept your angelic voice,
To please us when you talk,
And he kept the cherubic eyes,
To please those who stalks.

It is through you that I rediscovered joy,
And that you reminded me that love is not a toy,
You gave me a feeling that no mere words could express,
For your presence alone is enough to have me ignoring the rest,
What brought you to me got me thinking real hard,
Don’t be surprise for I am speaking from my heart,
I dare not say that it is love I feel,
I too question myself if this is all real?

I have not felt this good for the longest time,
But yet every second I spent with you feels like a crime,
What crime is a crime when we are listening to our heart?
If it’s not meant to be then it would not start,
An ordinary men who was emotionally drained,
I became alive when your smile took away all my pain,
I wish I could tell you what I feel inside,
Blinded by feelings not knowing what’s wrong what’s right.

Love is a beautiful feeling,
Love is what kept the world spinning,
It makes us go around chasing,
Without it there is just something missing,
I wished for one day that my voice would be heard,
If I could redefine love into just one word,
Let it be known that love is,

What's good of a comeback, 
If you don't move forward?