May 27, 2013

I'm pretty sure...

She Needs to Know

She needs to know,
Her eyes are just too beautiful,
For me to look away,
The feeling’s just wonderful,
No words could ever say.
I wish I could bring her up high,
And dance with the stars while we fly,
Across every seas and all continents,
As we look down to views so different,
I wish I could say,
That she made my day,
And she needs to know.

She needs to know,
With her I could smile like there’s no tomorrow,
No fear no pressure no tears and no sorrow,
The feeling’s like waking up to sunny Sunday morning,
With birds on the tree chirping,
I could stay on the bed rolling and cuddling,
So carefree no mere words could express my feelings,
I wish I could say,
The feelings that she bring,
And she needs to know.

She needs to know,
That she’s the type of girl,
By her side I felt like I’m the king of world,
The grace of her smile,
With every bits of her style,
With her acting all tough,
I just couldn’t get enough,
After all that I’ve been,
It would definitely be a sin,
To not let her know,
That she’s the one,
She needs to know.

She needs to know,
That I want the best,
No it’s not a test,
For she deserve so much more,
Not just simply because she’s the one I adore,
I will not ask her to stay,
Knowing that it’s still only May,
But I realize time flies when you least expect them to,
When time comes all I will see is only blue,
Now that will leave me with a better clue,
If what I feel is not shrouded by confusion,
Then I’ll know it’s no illusion,
She needs to know,
She really needs to know.

smile, it's still May.