Apr 29, 2013

Who art thou...


Oh my dearest Lilith,
For eons you were left standing by the cliff,
Alone and almost out of sight,
Unearthly as wolves howl to this moon lit night,
It was weird that I wanted to reach out my hand,
Just as if I know we both would not understand,
A romance like ours seems like a dream not coming true,
What chances for us to witness a moon so blue?
Feel me as my heart skips a beat,
As both our hands finally meet,
A nocturnal union filled with eternal bliss,
Bathory’s carress I will no longer miss.

Oh my dearest Lilith,
Worry not for it’s my spirit you will lift,
A battle I once fought,
Is a lesson which whom shall be taught?
Looking back at our colorful history,
Makes me remember not the former Countess Bathory,
Sipping every drop of blood and every inch of soul,
I was screaming inside out as the truth begun to unfold,
Where art thou?
Who art thy master?
I wish not to remember the past,
As long as you are here to last.

Oh my dearest Lilith,
You know not how I feel deep inside,
As I myself is immersed with fright,
“Feelings grow without me knowing,
That is thy love that I have been missing,
Walk with me on this dark rocky road,
And I promise thee I will break the code”,
You smiled back as I whispered those words into your ears,
Ensuring you that I will be there and there shall be no fears,
Take my hand and soon you will see,
That we were both made for you and me,
Ignoring what was said and what was done,
Oh my lovely Lilith,
Come forth, come undone.

 who art thou, Lilith?