Apr 12, 2013

You're Awesome...


I lost my flair in rhyming,
I lost the soul to write,
There is something I am missing,
Just like a king who lost his might.

In this cold lonely night,
We’re all alone,
Shining upon us is the moonlight,
Reflections on the phone,
Where are you now?
I miss you somehow.

It is love that brought us together,
Though we were only there as witness,
I’m pretty sure this is isn’t a love letter,
But I’m sure you’re the gem to my happiness.

Sapphire, sapphire,
The one blue stone that we all admire,
Sapphire, sapphire,
Who could be any lovelier?

I could only see you in my dreams,
As visions of you comes alive only there,
Everything is so surreal it seems,
But that is just how much God could spare,
Where are you now?
I see you somehow.

I still see your smile,
Though we’re far apart,
Now don’t count the miles,
For you’re in my heart.

Sapphire, sapphire,
The one blue stone I desire,
Sapphire, sapphire,
No one else could be any lovelier.