Apr 14, 2013

It is


There’s a hole in mirror, looking at me dear,
I find it getting wider, as it grows me into fear,
There is just no way out,
In this cardboard cutout crowd,
I know not what to say,
In this moonless cloudy day.

I would always say hi, with sincerity in my chest,
Same goes with the bye, how did it ended up like a test?
There is just no point guessing,
To what you are feeling,
I would do the same,
If I didn’t know what was the game.

Feelings are meant to be felt,
Like how coals are meant to be burnt,
Inspiration comes without me knowing,
Daemons whispers as I kept on writing,
The perfect rhyme does not cost a thing,
But the perfect time will make us sing.

So much I do not understand,
On how important it is to make amend,
Things can be simpler if we could read each other’s thought,
That would bring peace to all the war that’s being fought.

We are slave to our emotions,
We are inferior towards our depression,
God gave us choice to feel what we want,
He too gave us freedom to have none.