Apr 18, 2013

A ghostly ride in a ....

Ghost Train

Waiting in a subway looking around,
Shadow of the passerby nowhere to be found,
Waiting patiently for the very next train,
Trails are splattered with blood red paint.

Spirits whisper deep down my ears,
As I turn around concealing my fears,
There she was standing all alone,
Eyes all gazed on me and my dysfunctional phone.

The train arrived with no passengers in sight,
As the slider door opens it gave her a fright,
Every single step was taken with grace,
As I stepped in I felt like I’m lost in a maze.

Nothing was distasteful with an interior so old,
It gave me Goosebumps as breezes were cold,
I tried to reach both hands into my tight leather jacket,
I feel the warmth as they slid in deep inside the pocket.

There she was with not a single expression,
But sure enough it gave me enough confusion,
Who she is and where is she headed to?
I’m afraid if I don’t ask I will not get a clue.

As the trail rattles with steel crashing sound,
I felt like it was six feet underground,
I could hardly breathe as I lifted my right hand,
I called for help but she doesn’t seem to understand.

As helpless as I was she just stood there watching,
Like a little child she was happily clapping,
Her joy and laughter just seem too familiar,
Like a reflection of her that made me inferior.

I felt better as the train slowed down,
As we approach the station she started to frown,
This short journey is enough to drive me insane,
And no I won’t be returning to this ghost train.