Jan 1, 2013

2012: January, December and Me

First post for the year 2013.

Yes, we survived the Hollywood prophecy of 21st December 2012. It's 2013 now, and I have no resolution as I type this post. 

So how much did I change, the January me and the December me. Listing it down under the influence of exhaustion and alcohol. Well, just a lil' alcohol.

  1. I am working as a consultant in an university, no longer studying in one.
  2. I visit Sunday malls alone now holding my own hands.
  3. I read more books in a month than I ever did in a year.
  4. I had lesser white hair in January.
  5. I lost 12 kgs; as of December
  6. I have more space to roll around on my bed; not necessary a good thing though.
  7. I drink more in a month than I could have possibly drank in a year; again, not a good thing I supposed?
  8. I now listen and sing more Indonesian songs; and I am so into them right till now. 
  9. I learn how to not be so full of myself and to think of the others around me.
  10. I learned how to let go; in the name of love.

Happy 2013 everyone.
Hoping for a better year ahead, for me and you.