Aug 2, 2012

life and love

My dearest avid readers,

You do notice my blog has been wordy and not worthy. Before you think the previous was the last, here's one more for you to digest!

Been listening a lot of Buddhist mantra (yes I'm Buddhist) and reading a lot about Buddhism to calm myself down from god-knows-what I'm facing internally. Am I enlighten? You tell me. Here's another poem, inspired by the materials that gotten into my head, simply titled, unfashionably titled,


We are creatures slaved by our emotions,
Emotions that drives us into depression,
And that is the only time when we are not being ourselves,
It’s not something that we are not aware of,
But we tend to let it just slip off,
Into time and space in which we do not acknowledge,
And kept pushing ourselves closer to the edge.

Choices are meant to be spoiled or so they say,
Our choices determine the price to pay,
We do make wrong decisions at crucial time,
But wrong decisions are not a crime,
For we need to know and from there we learn,
What is inside us that we needed to burn,
It is the fire from love and passion that keeps us alive.

People say words can be sharper than a blade,
I could not agree more for what was said,
We said words that are hurtful to one another,
Without realizing how much we love each other,
But time travel is something which is not possible,
As time moves forward and not the other direction,
It is not too late at this point of realization,
That we are all humans after all,
As good as we get we will still have flaws.

A little patience goes a long way,
It is like a cycle from night to day,
The sun will rise as sure as it will sets,
We will live through obstacles just as if it’s a test,
To reach a point of enlightenment where we finally realize,
Our time is limited as all living beings will stop living,
Till then,
We should not stop believing,
In love. 

it takes no time to fall in love,
but it takes you years to know what love is