Jul 11, 2012

Pictorial Review: Hasbro's 3.75" The Avengers Black Widow / Hawkeye

Finally got hold of Black Widow and Hawkeye's 3.75" scaled action figure. Just so you know, these two figures are the one I'm really looking forward into as with them, I completed my 3.75" scaled Avengers team! Okay, so I don't have Mark 7 and Nick Fury from the Avengers line yet, but what I do have is Nick Fury and Mark 6 from Iron Man 2 toyline, so.. it counts just alright!

I don't do reviews just yet, but here I am, with a few picture of Black Widow, Hawkeye, and the glorious assembled team of super heroes, the Avengers!








Not the best of photography but it's a long day off from office, so pardon me :)


And oh, accidental haul of the day.. the most sought after Darth Malgus, Starkiller, Shae Vizla and Moff Tarkin, they're finally at my possession! Total nergasm!

Signing off now, as I'll need to head to my dreamland... hopefully you guys get to haul the figures that you really want!

RM 300 gone today, what bout tomorrow?