May 23, 2012

Grand Opening - Paradigm Mall, Kelana Jaya

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No. Simply Unfashionable reports and writes what the author think is worthy of. What's more worthy than to blog a lil' bout the latest mall in PJ, or precisely in Kelana Jaya? Yes, Paradigm Mall is finally opened to public (not without pushing the deadlines with construction works at odd hours). Yes, I was there myself as early as 10 am to be one of the first to step into this mall. No, I wasn't the earliest and there are a lot of you earlier than me there. Kudos to you who were there earlier! The level of your kiasu-ness is way ahead of mine!

Some of you who might have followed Paradigm Mall's Official Facebook Page might have learn that the malls' operation has caused disatisfaction among the residence around KJ. Not Khairy Jamaluddin, but Kelana Jaya. Concerns bout the traffic flow and the traffic volume will soon go away when Paradigm Mall goes in full force operation. Trust me.

My trustworthy DSLR wasn't with me earlier today and I shall let you visualized with my words.

Basically, what you get there is similar to every other shopping malls with franchised food here and there. Though McDonalds and KFC is nowhere to be seen, you still get familiar food tenants such as Pasta Zanmai, Nando's, Kenny Rogers, The Chicken Rice Shop and the list goes one. As for the apparels and beauty products to attract the ladies, Zara will be opening soon, The Face Shop, Padini and many more brands are available there. The techies won't be left out as there are a few stores specializing in gadgets and ohhhh, how can I forget bout Harvey Norman? I'm pretty sure Paradigm Mall got you covered. ;)

As for me, I spent RM 270 on my first visit there on their grand opening. On what? Collectibles, and toys? Baaaaa. I bought plastic from Toys R Us. I thought I was early, but how wrong can I be? As I stepped in Toys R Us, I see a bunch of working adults (judging by their formality in dressing) already started the hauling session. Thankfully, most of them were glued to the Hot Wheels rack. But I'm pretty sure someone messed with the Star Wars rack before me as I couldn't find anything worthy of hauling. And not to mention, to all the Transformers Prime figure fans, you will be disappointed with the assortments they have. 8 fresh cases were displayed, and you're suppose to see 8 Vehicons. But, none sighted. Scumbag TRU? The whole rack of TF Prime were untouched, and yet Vehicon is not there.

As for me, my haul is as followed
1) Star Wars Vintage Card Rebel Pilot VC 91 Rm 42.90
2) Star Wars Vintage Card Darth Maul VC 86 Rm 42.90
3) Star Wars Jedi Force Darth Vader + StormTrooper RM 34.90
4) Marvel Super Heroes Lego Playset (X-Men) RM 149.90


There goes another RM 42.90 for another Darth Maul from the vintage line. I already have 3, and this will be my fourth. The fourth is really strong with this Sith Lord. As for the Rebel Pilot, it is for a friend of mine. The Jedi Force 2 pack is something which I really wanted, something cute to balance the force? And the Super Heroes Lego Playset, that's something I wouldn't buy on a normal day. RM 149.90 for 2 vehicles and 3 bricked mutants. But heck, ANYTHING FOR DEADPOOL!

And oh, for any purchases above RM 150 in one or two combined receipts, you are entitled to redeem something special by Paradigm Mall. I guess it's their way of saying thank you please spend more to their dearest customers, but a lil' discount vouchers won't hurt that much! I redeemed my vouchers and also a towel, so make sure you don't missed out just in case you really spent RM 150 and above ya!


Parking's free for the time being!