Apr 4, 2012

QUICKIE: The Secret Army for Loki in The Avengers

Alright! I'm a sucka for super heroes and this Avengers fever is getting worse by day!

I thought of doing a countdown thingy here at SimplyUnfashionable, (but I know I won't be that committed) but I changed my plan. I'll just be posting random Avengers related material here, just to celebrate the movie franchise. I'm not paid to do this! Yea, call me a fanboy!

What if I say Avengers is inspired by the famous 90's sitcom, Friends? Don't believe me? Check out the video down below!

Now you do huh!

My question is,

Which alien race will be used by Loki towards his quest in destroying Midgard?
I shall reveal a close up picture of the alien race in my next posting so stay tune!


Deadpool will not be impressed if you don't...stay tune.