Apr 24, 2012

QUICKIE: Blackberry OS 7.0 JVM 517 Error Fix

My trustworthy (having doubts to be honest) Blackberry 9900 gave me a 3rd 'major' problem. This time around, an error which has been considered as "hardware issue", JVM Error 517. Java Virtual Machine Error and it's hardware? Clear my doubts! And are most certain to be replaced if you bring it back to your service provider. At least that's what I found out from crackberry and a few more tech forums. I almost gave up after a few force restarts, but seems like my perseverance paid off.

How did I get my phone back and running?

Solutions, or at least the popular ones read

1) Connect your device to BB DM and it will restore your phone via the OS update
2) BBSAK to wipe out your previous OS and replace with new one
3) Send them to your provider

I tried the first one, and it failed halfway. For 3 times I repeated the same thing. BBSAK could work, but my current internet connection does not favor me to download a new OS. At least I don't have the patience. I was seriously considering sending it back to the service provider as I'm still protected with the warranty. Oh well, meh.

So if you somehow bumped into any errors that couldn't be restored 'normally' via your BB DM, try this.

Remove you battery pack, and connect it to the BB DM. You wouldn't know what difference it could make. That's how I pulled it through. Remove the battery pack connect it to the BB DM, and BB DM will then remove you current OS. Once removed, it will somehow fail you again with another error. Error 507, meaning you do not have an OS to load your device. Fret not, reconnect your device to the BB DM (plug in and out the usb port) and you will then be prompted by BB DM whether if you wanna load the latest OS into your device. Then just wait, and VOILA! Done!

One more time you die on me, I'll get another berry.