Apr 27, 2012

Avengers: Premiere Screening in GSC 1 Utama

Just back home (obviously), from the premier screening of Avengers. Special, or premiere, well whatever that floats your boat. Here's some pictures to prove it!



Lemme do a quick checklist on how many fight scenes were there

Loki vs Iron Man/Captain America
Thor vs Iron Man vs Captain America
Thor vs Hulk
Black Widow vs Hulk (sort of)
Black Widow vs Hawkeye
Loki vs Thor
The Chitauris vs The Avengers

There, a quick list of the fight scenes involving the members, and the villains. I hope I didn't miss any. So not much of a spoiler eh? I bet that will make you even more curious and pumped up for the movie.


waddaheck diorama. why put the drones!? put Skrull isn't that bad. Oh wait, the drones were one sales. That's why!

Now lemme run a quick checklist on what I hit, at least my predictions based on my research and 'experience' as a Marvel fanboy.

1. It is in fact the Chitauris, not the Skrulls
2. No Red Skull
3. Infinity Gems and Gauntlets, no.
4. Fin Fang Foom, not there as well. He's better off with Extermis Iron Man 3.
5. The Redacted didn't appear. Refer to point 1.
6. Thanos, oh yea.
7. Someone died 

There. Don't hate me. I didn't really spoil anything, but let it be your own creativity to figure out the plot. Joss Whedon said it's gonna a be twist, but not so much of a twist for me. I don't if it is for you.

How should I summarize the movie? 

It's action packed with buildings collapsing. High flying, bone crushing, ass kicking super heroes through out the movie. I'm pretty sure (I'm not a professional movie critique) that this movie will appeal to people who knows nuts bout the comic version of The Avengers. But on the other hand, it will too appear to those who have a lil' knowledge on all these heroes. A spin off for Black Widow and Hawkeye will not be as interesting to those non-Marvel fanboy, as like I said, they know nuts bout the characters. Yes they know Iron Man, they know Capt, they know the green Shrek, I mean Hulk, and the blonde chick Thor. But hey, Hawkeye and Black Widow will make a good movie, but not for the general audience. On a side note, Thanos right at the end, really keeps the hype up for the crazy Marvel Comic readers. We all know how powerful this cosmic villain is, and one can only wonder what he will do in Avengers 2. 

And oh, check this deal out when you're at GSC.


No, I'm not paid to post that. Just, I'll be returning for a 2nd and 3rd time, for the sake of getting all the key chains?