Jan 5, 2012

my take on - B.Y.O.B Green Concepts

Go Green. 3R. Go Green. 3R. Save Mother Nature. Go Green.

Now and then, we see it everywhere, listen to it everyday. Just one question to my dearest readers, do you really care or even paid attention to those phrases? Or you just pass 'em by and pretend that it is all okay?

We can not pretend that the air we're breathing is not getting any better. We can not pretend that the land we're stepping on is getting any cleaner. We can not pretend that the water we're drinking is not getting any purer. Flip the papers everyday and read headlines of natural disaster like it'a routine. Shouldn't we all show a lil' love to Mother Nature?

What is B.Y.O.B?

Mind you. It's not M.Y.O.B and in fact, they both serve totally different meaning. B.Y.O.B stands for Bring Your Own Bottle, a concept detergent store that is promoting the 3R concepts (Reuse, Recycle and Reduce). Now don't get all excited. Not only you can play a role in making mother nature better, you too can save loads of cash while doing your part as a responsible 'green' person. Money. Who wouldn't wanna save more?

Why B.Y.O.B?

Simple. You can fucking make your wallet thicker and make the earth greener.

How is B.Y.O.B cheaper?

It's pretty duh huh? Little did you know that we're actually paying millions of dollar (or ringgit) to destroy the world we're living in. Let's say a liter of standard dishwasher will cost you anywhere between RM 5 - RM 6 in any hypermarkets (no names mentioned so I can't be sued). You must be mindfucked to think you can get something that works exactly the same (or even better), smells the same, yada yada for a fraction of the price you pay for a 'branded' washer. Yes you can at B.Y.O.B. Don't be surprised when you're paying anywhere between RM 1 - RM 1.50 for the same shit which will cost you RM 5 - RM 6. Why the low cost? Simple enough. You're actually paying for a brand new plastic bottle, the advertisement, and a whole bunch of sugaaa daddy just to get your dishwasher that is worth RM 1? At B.Y.O.B, there's no hidden cost. To sum up the whole paragraph with one sentence, AT B.Y.O.B, YOU FUCKING PAY FOR WHAT YOU USE.

What products are available at B.Y.O.B?

Laundry Detergent 
Dish washing detergents 
Fabric Softener  
Mopping Solution 
Pine Disinfectant  
 Soap Powder  
Kitchen Degreaser 
and many many many many many many so many many so so so many more products more now as I type

The ODF (One Drop Fragrance) I personally ordered from B.Y.O.B was received today via Pos Laju. And B.Y.O.B stayed true to their mission, to reuse!


See! I thought it was really a smart move to reuse boxes to send out your items via pos. Thumbs up!


Beautiful little 3ml bottle of high-quality ODF. Eh, don't play play can? Those are really branded fragrance!

Where is B.Y.O.B Green Concepts located? 

B.Y.O.B Green Concepts 
No. 2-G, Jalan Panglima, 
Bandar Mahkota Cheras, 
 Kajang, Malaysia, 43200

+60129798311 || rojaks.wingz@gmail.com

Now the million dollar question is... which fragrance is stored in those lovely and cute little bottles of ODF? Head over to BYOB Official FB Page to find out!

If you don't support B.Y.O.B Green Concepts and you're a guy, you can B.Y.O.B aka Bang Your Own Balls. I made my first step into saving our mother nature so I ain't banging my own balls... so what about you?

On a side note, I don't stink anymore!