Dec 4, 2011

PODCAST : gaming makes kids smarter

this post is to serve justice to all you game addicts who really need a reason to be nag-free during your gaming session. I take no responsibility to any physical damage that might be inflicted to you, if any of your parents decides to beat the shit out of you. oh btw, I heard this on the radio 12 hours ago and i have the urge to share it to everyone. booooo!

Do you really think that gaming is really a bad thing and it should be shrugged off? Do you disagree to the fact that gaming actually do improve the IQ of your children? Well, the debate has been ongoing with some people actually do believe that gaming will increase the way your children thinks, well, in a good way.

is the time when your typical Sunday afternoon was spent by the window, sipping your precious hot cup of earl grey while reading through an old and dusty book. Now bring me the PS 3, xbox 360, DS, etc and ETC.

Buying it?