Dec 14, 2011

KFC Free Burger Vouchers, VOIDED!

Just came back sitting in front of my laptop after an hour spent with my lovely xbox 360, I stepped into an unknown world of anger, angry facebook people.

Ha! Are you a fast food lover, you know the one that makes you lick your toes? Apparently, they hit the bumps and are headed for a nosedive right off their own shoulder. I don't know if you knew it earlier (I don't actually till someone shared it on my FB wall), KFC tried to emulate what McD has been doing all the while. Giving its' online customers a lil' benefit in the form of vouchers to redeem food or at least at a discounted price.

The most recent one will be the voucher that gives FREE double zinger burger.


And also not forgetting, it's an instant death blow to KFC Malaysia. Can you imagine, you, yourself giving a fist to your own beautiful face? Well this is what happened. Check out the screenshot below.


Just within 38 minutes, 150 people actually "LIKED" it, and the post has generated 671 shares, and counting. That shows how lifeless people can be, staring at their news feed waiting for something or someone to post some shit. And I admit, I'm lifeless as well.

But I find most hilarious will be the comments that were posted. I can basically summarized the comments with just a small jpg. Check it out below.


nuff said.
KFC 0 - 1 MCD. An own goal scored by Double Zinger Burger.