Dec 6, 2011

How the f**k do you make Siri curse on iPhone 4S?

disclaimer: do not proceed with this video if you are 18 or below. if you are, get out of here!

Siri means 'serial' in the Malay language. In this case, Siri, the most talked about digital assistance in the year 2011. It is no doubt the most exciting feature to be featured on iOS 5 along with the release of iPhone 4S. With a wonderful and intelligent voice assistance, we're supposed to be grateful, or should we not? There are tonnes of videos that went viral on Youtube showing the 'abuses' that the humans did to their digital counterpart, Siri. I'm pretty sure you were amused by most of them. From understanding the cantonese dialect to fooling around with the Indian accent, the sky is the limit. Siri don't even understand each other at times.

Well, what is something that we, homo sapiens agree on, regardless of our religion, skin color or language? No barriers can keep vulgarity at bay, and the same goes to Siri. Siri too, like any one of us, wants to vent of her anger by f**king the shit outta you at times. You know, like cursing and calling you names when you ask her nonsensical questions. Check out the video below and you'll know what I'm talking about.

There's a trick to have your Siri being that rude and sexy. Video below shows you how it was done.

Happy experimenting!

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