Dec 16, 2011

the best possible X'mas present from me, to you

image courtesy of McFarlane Twisted Christmas Mrs. Claus.

Hola! Exactly 9 more days to the big day, Christmas! I wrote a post last year on how fucked up can Christmas be, how lost can we sinners be in actually appreciating the true spirit of Christmas. It's not about what phones, what toys, what cars, what gadgets you will get. Yea, I can be hypocritical at times but I don't ask for gifts, unless it is a sincere one.

So you see, there's like 9 days left to Christmas... and I'm pretty sure most of you will be lazing around your couch with nothing else better to do (at least I am). I'm not a billionaire, not even close to being a 'thousandaire', therefore what's the best possible present I can present to my dear readers?

Here, I will reward you guys with a list of things you can do before the calendar make its stop at 25th of December!

just so you know if you bumped into a broken link, fret not, it's expired. your web browser is working fine

Just so you know, I'm Nicholas, St. Nicholas, the old big fat fuck man in red that sneaks into your chimney in the middle of the night giving you colorful boxes and places fancy designer keychains in oversized socks. Oh, I have reindeers and they're a racist lot. I hate turkeys, gimme lambs.

Did I burn enough of your time?