Dec 3, 2011

Alienware, PROBLEMS?

I am now typing this post accompanied by the sweet ambiance of loud spinning cooling fans in my laptop

Some of you might have known, that I was one of the very few who actually pre-ordered the first batch of Alienware M15x from Dell Malaysia. There's no reason to be proud of it, but hell I am damn proud of it somehow. It took me a long time to decide on which color, the blazing nebula red or the conventional cosmic black. Never regretted on getting the red one as it is one amazing attention seeker!


Never mind the beast weighing at approx. 5kg, never mind the thick and bulky dimension, never once those features ever bothered me. I was pretty amazed with the cooling fan and the copper heat sink to disperse the heat of the GPU and the processor by putting them straight out through the gigantic (for a mobile device) vents at the back of the beast. The engineering team scored pretty high in my books along with the well designed chassis to unleash an unstoppable beast.


Wear and tear, indeed these two words rhymed really well. In fact, they always work together really well in reality. And now, these two words is working really hard on my cosmic Alienware. It wasn't annoying when the fans started spinning really fast and furious ever since the Alien turned 1, it wasn't annoying when I was getting random blue screen of death (BSOD) even when I was running .doc file. It wasn't annoying too when the CPU usage shot up to 70-80% for no reasons. It wasn't annoying when the fans and heat was running so fast and high as if the laptop is about to take off into Jupiter.

So what annoyed me most?

The GPU stopped working for 5 times in a single start up. Yes, it died out of a sudden, and revived himself (I'm assuming it's a he cause he has got balls to die 5 times) for 5 freaking times. The sixth time was a death blow. The whole screen died in its full glory of 1080p and freaking turned itself into a goddamn retro Atari machine. Or even worse. What's worse, no puns intended, or better than a 8-bit looking beast?

The answer, my foot.

So I decided to give Dell a call, and to spit it all out at one go. As usual, they will lead you to perform a few diagnostics tool to check your system and to identify specifically which hardware is screwing you up. And so I did, and the test results were perfect. Nothing was wrong with my HDD, RAM nor with my GPU. Everything passed their test with flying monochrome colors. The Dell agent that was serving me told me they will replace the GPU and the loud fans and MoBo too if needed, but they will first need me to get the BSOD error code over to them.

My question to him was... How can I control when will the BSOD appear as it only appears on a random basis, and if I know what causes the BSOD, I wouldn't have been clueless when I spoke to him. Wanna guess what his next instruction to me was?

"Mr.Law, try playing more games while running on different anti virus scans along with multiple file uploads and downloads, then try to pray hard that the BSOD will appear. Remember, get us the code of the error so we could conclude what was it that caused the BSOD. We will replace your GPU, MoBo, fans as soon as we got the error code from you. Thank you"

I appreciate the thank you he gave, but how the fuck am I supposed to pray and hope that God will answer my prayers by giving me a BSOD? I don't know bout you, but I'm not convinced with the way he recommended. What's the best way to have the BSOD appearing voluntarily? Any inputs?

the alien is not happy, how?