Dec 31, 2011

2011 - 2012

Meh... it's the time of the year again where all hell breaks loose. I'm talking about the traffic congestion. Imma guessing that there will be tonnes of sardines sandwiching each other at terrains fit for cow feedlot. I don't know if I am right to label them as hypocrites, but just exactly one year, those were the same people telling 2010 to GTFO, and welcomes 2011. It's sucha routine, every goddamn year. Without fail. Period.

So anyway, happy new year and I bet you drunktards are still feeling the aftermath of some crazy x'mas drinking session. Before you could find you footing once more, you will lose it again tonight.

I'm pretty sure plenty of bloggers will blog about their new year resolution and what had happened in 2011. Me, being just another blogger, will do the same... well minus the resolution. God, now I know why my blog isn't that mainstream, my post are as boring as fuck. I'm serious and I'm not happy bout it, but I won't do a shit bout it too.

How did your 2011 went? Mine was pretty eventful minus the fact that my definition of 'eventful' could be different from yours, or completely the opposite. I hate to write a lot, not that my english command is good, so I shall just list them out and maybe fancy-fied it with a picture or two.

1. Earned more from online trading than my previous years. To those who knows me personally, you might already know that I do trading online providing services like buying in foreign currency via paypal, and heck I thought I did quite well this year. Not that I earned thousands, but yea it was good money nonetheless. Social media advertising was kind to me as well, with me recently winning a RM 100 bucks voucher from, what more can I ask for? And at the same time, Google Adsense robbed me for a total of RM 700 in one month. A fucking RM 700. Why?

2. Gotten myself into a rather expensive (not to all) hobby. Toys. Action Figures. Figurines. Statues. Whatever you call it, they sure will burn a deep hole in your pocket.


3. Gained new experience via my internship stint at The House Projects. Awesome company with absolutely lovely people in it. A good solid 3 months. Thank you Boss.

4. Met a lot of awesome people I must say. Through my action figure collecting hobbies, at work, and also my online trading. Really awesome people. In fact, I just came home from meeting a guy who bought a shirt from me, to his dad. How lovely!

6. I missed 5.

7. I became an uncle. Old now. Really old. But fuck I'm happy.


8. Got an xbox 360, Blackberry Bold 9900 in the space of 30 days. A lot of money saved is equivalent to a lot of money spent. #SadButTrue

9. Increased my blog traffic with a few parody post. I lol-ed.


9, or rather 8 highlights of 2011 for me.

2012, how art thou?