Nov 1, 2011

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3: The Rejects

Marvel vs Capcom 3. A title where most Xbox 360 or PS 3 players are kinda familiar with. Fyi, I bought the Xbox 360 just for the sake of experiencing this game. So much for a superhero addict, and specifically a sucker for the Marvel Universe heroes. I just noticed how much of a geek it took to write the previous sentence.

It is finally November and November is the month where the follow up for the original Marvel vs Capcom 3 will hit the shelves. Named Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, this edition comes with an additional 12 playable characters.

For Marvel
Doctor Strange
Ghost Rider
Iron Fist
Rocket Racoon

For Capcom
Frank West
Nemesis T-Type
Phoenix Wright
Strider Hiryu

There are several reasons for you to get excited about this upcoming release. The addition of Ghost Rider and Dr. Strange gives Marvel a much needed breath of fresh air and Strider making a come back to MvC will always be a good news. Nemesis and Iron Fist will certainly add a new dimension to this highly anticipated cross over title.

I am pretty sure the characters presented in the upcoming release might not please everyone. For example where is Ken, Megaman, Seth and etc. The game developers couldn't fit in all the characters for some obvious reasons therefore the playable characters are selected based on the difference in skills (pardon Hawkeye) and also their popularity. In fact, several superheroes did auditioned for a spot in the UMvC 3 lineup.

Below is a video of the leaked audition tape.

the video's lame but so what? at least they made an effort. lol