Nov 5, 2011

top 3 futuristic technology on my list

I was listening to BFM podcast earlier and they had a discussion over technologies from movies we would love to have in our daily life. Technologies from the movie Minority Report, Star Trek, James Bond Quantum Solace, Iron Man and even from Adam Sandler's Click were among those that were discussed among the panels.

Being a guy majoring in Computer Technology, I can't help but to come out with a list of technologies from movies that I myself will be interested in. This blog entry is written with a little inspiration from the movies that I personally fancy. Here is my list of 3 technologies in no particular order.

A Teleporter

Secret Teleport Machine - Rotterdam

This must be and surely will be in everyone's list of desired technology. Why I chose this over a time machine? The answer will be a time machine will simply fucked the way our world work. Unless you're living in world where it's too fucked up to live in anyway. Terra Nova? Haha! The way it works is pretty simple. Step in, get it activated and boom!! You're at the other end of the world. I believe atom teleportation has been successfully done by scientist. But a question for us to ponder about, can atoms from a non organic item be teleported? If not, does that mean human teleportation will be flawed with us being naked everytime we're teleported? Hmm.. interesting.

Iron Man Armor


No no, not the minimates iron man. What I wanted is something that is made of real steel! Forget bout the fancy arc reactor (i think i'll need it) and the plasma beam off the palms, I just wanted something that can bring me around. You know, something gold and red all over with the glossy touch that resembles a super car? We're not far away for creating the suit either. Exoskeleton must be the closest thing to the Iron Man armor we have today. Proven and being used in all industries. Exoskeleton + jet pack.... ok... let's talk business.

Dream Architect ala Inception

View From Taipei 101

That's Taipei fyi, and not a surreal dream world. I think the most exciting of all technologies mentioned in movies must and ultimately be the power to manipulate and control your dreams. We're certainly not far away from this to become the reality either judging by the amount of research in the field of science of dream. Where plating dreams is almost impossible to do, well.. let's not get there and be optimistic shall we?

What are the technologies you think will benefit your life, should they exist?

Let me know in the comment section down below