Nov 1, 2011

Taylor Swift: Leaked Racy Images of Celebrities? For real?

Fret not, this is not a NSFW post.

Why is it a trend for celebrities to have their pictures leaked? Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian was a 'victim' of leaked sex tape in recent years. Vanessa Hudgens, the once so innocent Disney star has got her racy personal pictures leaked to the internet as well. Come 2011, Scarlett Johansson fell victim to phone hackers where she is one of the many high profile celebrities to fall into the 'leaked pictures tragedy' category.

yes the very pretty black widow

Okay, hacking and leaking the pictures is not that bad afterall. It's our human nature, or our basic instinct to do such things. Besides, the principle of sharing is caring could be one the hackers basic principle in life.

Faking it with either a badly photoshopped image, or get a look alike to pose and then finally spread it out like wildfire, that's a crime. I mean, like really? The recent victim, for fucking real, the victim is none other than Taylor Swift. The picture of the topless girl is obviously not her. Or so they reported. Now that Ms. Swift is filling a lawsuit to prove her innocence, I foresee a future of more 'leaked' celebrity private images. Be it a genuine or a ps-ed image, it will soon be a trend to follow.


To have leaked images and to pose nude is totally a different thing. Lindsay Lohan has recently posed nude for Playboy Magazine. What a world we're living in! Some sue others for having their pictures leaked, and on the other hand, some are happy to pose nude in the name of fame and money.


God is certainly great with tinkering with human behaviors and attitude.

Was it the hackers fault to post private images of celebrities, or was it the celebrity who is in fault for keeping scandalous images on their mobile device?

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