Nov 30, 2011


Finally I have the time to write a proper post.

I took a long time off posting crappy videos to substitute my lack of commitment in writing, and here I am today to write a little something meaningful. Before I start, let me assure that unlike other bloggers, I don't draft out my writings and they are all 100% unadulterated impromptu write ups.

Since it's the end of November, let me sum up the whole slacking November for you who is reading this post. Many things had happened this November, and I can safely say they are mostly ups and positive events. Events that will change my life forever.

November is the month I am Uncle Nick. Yes, that's right, Uncle Nick. My sister gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on the 8th of November and I suddenly find myself older! It amazes me that I finally have a niece to bully on! Haha, kidding!


November is the month where my toys and action figure collections went triple in mass. That's hell a lot of plastic. I know I'm not so 'green' in nature, but hey, it has got its own artistic value. I even made a diorama using only recyclable items. other than the paint and wall fillers of course. Will post up a tutorial on how to build your own diorama terrain some other time.


November is also the month where I'm doing my final month as an intern at the most lovely and beautiful office of The House Projects. Don't get me wrong, we don't build houses, we create the most magnificent motion graphics that you see in on your everyday TV commercials. That's right, The House Projects is a video post production house specializing in motion graphics. Though the company is not big, it certainly was a pleasant experience working with my co-workers here. They are highly skilled, and my boss is certainly one of the coolest creative art director I have ever met. Today, 30th November will be my last day in office, and if any of my colleagues ever read this, thank you for taking good care of me for the past 3 months. :)

Anyway, I had a wonderful November, and December is just right ahead! Hope you had a good and eventful one too, and we're one month closer to 2012!

I honestly hope the mayans did screw up their own calendar.