Nov 8, 2011

Google Adsense Disabled?

Are you a content publisher for Google Adsense? If you are, then it is nightmare when a receive an email by the Adsense support team.. telling you something like...


After reviewing our records, we've determined that your AdSense account
poses a risk of generating invalid activity. Because we have a
responsibility to protect our AdWords advertisers from inflated costs due
to invalid activity, we've found it necessary to disable your AdSense
account. Your outstanding balance and Google's share of the revenue will
both be fully refunded back to the affected advertisers.

Please understand that we need to take such steps to maintain the
effectiveness of Google's advertising system, particularly the
advertiser-publisher relationship. We understand the inconvenience that
this may cause you, and we thank you in advance for your understanding and

If you have any questions or concerns about the actions we've taken, how
you can appeal this decision, or invalid activity in general, you can find
more information by visiting


The Google AdSense Team

I saw a surge of over 20+ clicks last night within an hour on my ads, and I find it weird thinking it was just an error by the stats counter. I have no freakin' idea I will get my account disabled just like and whoever who sabotaged my ads, deserve to receive the same punishment. Now my earnings are all locked away from me, and I can only appeal and wait for the response by the Google team. I don't mind them deducing the amount of money generated by the invalid clicks, but I think it's only fair we publishers get more fair chances in defending ourselves.

My question is, why Google does not reveal more information on the "invalid activity" and is it not fair for publishers to not be able to protect ourselves? I have seriously no idea where did the clicks came from nor did I clicked the 20+ clicks and if I really did, I'm one heck of a big idiot. I cashed out with AdSense before and I am totally happy with my earning from Google, but for this to happen when I am getting back into active blogging, this is bad...

Anyone of you uses AdSense? Tell me what you think of being sabotaged and to be punished by crimes you did not commit, at the comment section down below.