Nov 11, 2011

the easiest way to make money from the Internet part 2 - eBay

Just barely two weeks after I wrote this particular post I got banned by Google Adsense for having activities which are against their policies happening at my blog. I don't know where it was headed to, but hell after writing a post advising people on where and how to earn their 1st dollar off the internet, I, myself was caught in a mess. I sent an appeal to the Adsense Support team clarifying the whole issue and that why I was innocent. Well, I simply know it cause I did not clicked 20 times within a single hour. I mean, that's stupidity. I hope my appeal would be accepted and Google will give me back the money I earned LEGALLY cause if they don't, this is pretty fucked up. I hope the Google Adsense team resolve the issues I have ASAP.

Now, let's move on to part 2 shall we?

eBay / Trading

When I wrote the part 1, regarding earning through blogs, I experienced it first hand. Simply because I earned quite a sum in the year 2009 when I was actively blogging. Both from Nuffnang and Google Adsense (ironically the same account that earned me XXX USD is now disabled). Now for part 2, I will be talking about earning thought online shops and trading.

To make things simple for you guys, eBay will be a good example. With nearly 30 localized websites around the globe, eBay is definitely the giant and biggest player in the multi-billion dollars consumer to consumer internet business centre. Giving the options for buyers to "buy it now!", "make an offer" and "bid", eBay has by far the most loved online auction and shopping site for me. I myself has spent a few thousand ringgit this year alone only by shopping at eBay. You can practically get everything off eBay, from expensive sports cars listed domain name for 21 million USD to freshly smoked unsliced bacon. Here's a list of top 10 strangest thing you can buy from eBay. There's nothing money can't buy there!

I myself has made quite a sum, indirectly of eBay. Approximately, RM 1k in the space of 2 months back in the year 2010. Wanna know more? Drop me a mail, and I will reveal to you at no cost.

What made me include eBay is this series, is the fact that I spent a lot, and there are many sellers out there making money off me! Well, see, it's still money making nevertheless. I am pretty sure there are loads of you out there who have the potential to make money through online trading, and eBay for once is a reputable organisation to start with. Just dump things that you don't want anymore (but make sure they're in working condition or at least presentable to preserve its' value) or even put up an auction for something that are rare and valuable.

What's rare and valuable? It's pretty subjective and in fact, it varies from different items as different buyers won't mind paying more for something which has sentimental values for them. A coin from the Nazi era for one will cost you 19,999 USD and a Qing Dynasty vase will cost 39,900 USD. So you make the call, it is a subjective matter. If you ask me, I would say a comic accurate Nick Fury figurine by Hasbro is valuable to me. Yes, 99.99 USD for a 3.75" plastic figurine?

To be honest, I was never a seller at eBay just for the fact that they have certain guidelines and if your customers were to pay you via paypal, paypal will actually charged you a small amount of money that is flowing into your account. Therefore it's a no go for me.

If you don't fancy the tiny loss you will make via eBay, you can always opt for other options. There are aplenty of forums and common interest groups around the site which sees fellow hobbyist and collectors exchange and trading collectables. Don't believe me? Hit this link and you will be surprised how technologically advanced we Malaysians are in dealing with online business. That's just a part of it, there are more if you are willing to explore around or simply just hit the search function with keywords such as [WTS] (want to sell) tag.

Millions of ringgit is being traded online daily, so why not you be involved as well? Everyone is seizing the opportunity to be a part of the borderless e-commerce world and I strongly believe that this is the future of business.

Last words

Be wise when you're trading online. If you're a buyer, don't ever pay a seller who has no credibility or ratings (in eBay) and if you're a seller, don't ship your items out before you receive the money. It's a fair world, treat others how you would like to be treated back too. Also, whenever you put up an auction in eBay, be prepared to make losses at time because not everyday is Sunday. Sometimes you get many bids, sometimes no one bids at all, but please don't violate the policies by bidding your own item to increase the final selling price. I have a friend who did it, and he got suspended 3 months by eBay.

For new buyers or seller, it is safe to practice COD (cash-on-delivery) method to minimzed the risk of getting con or cheated.

here's the part of this series explaining the key points to earn from your blog if you want a direct link to that post you missed

Have fun with online trading and hit the comment sections below if you have further questions!