Oct 25, 2011

UNESTABLISH.COM, the new multi-label online boutique in Asia

Do you shop for clothes? That's a pretty dumb question to ask but do you shop for clothes online? Would like you to shop from an 'established' multi-label boutique that provides you nothing but the best of quality clothing lines? If you answered yes for all that question (or only one if that matters) please read on!

Ardent Apparel is a well established in June 2009 aiming at both retail and custom t-shirt manufacturing, supplying custom t-shirts for fashion labels and corporate events. Ardent Apparel then started Ardentees which is on its own an exclusive artist label aimed to bring unique and conversational designs to t-shirts.

That is the brief history of the Ardent Apparel establishment. Now they're expanding their brand name and product at our shore, Asia! How? Pretty simple, by opening a multi-label online boutique store that features the most inspiring fashion labels from around the globe!

UNESTABLISH.COM will be opening its doors on this coming 30th October and will be proudly showcasing more than 100 different products from international labels such as Kling and The Furies from Spain and USA respectively. Other popular and fashionable labels such as Life/After/Denim and WeAreTukTuk from USA and UK will also be featured. Not only that, our local Asian designer labels like Pauline.Ning and Coupe Cousu will also be in the line up.

Keep in mind that all the products are carefully handpicked to cater to trendsetters and be rest assured that exclusivity of the designs is the main priority as most foreign labels are brought in with limited quantities.

Enough of words for now, UNESTABLISH.COM is kind enough to reward you readers with a little gift. What is that you say? More info after the image gallery showcasing their products below :)

Pretty ain't it? In my humble opinion, what attracted me most is the timeless design of each piece of the clothing. Oh ya, the special deal that you guys will be getting...


UNESTABLISH.COM is currently giving away, for a limited time only, $10 in shopping credits to all shoppers who sign up at http://www.UNESTABLISH.com. On top of that, one can accumulate points through referrals and together stand a chance to win a whooping $500 gift voucher. Sweet ain't it?

That's not all! Facebook users stand a chance to win $100 in shpping vouchers by just joining their Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/unestablish .

What you should do now is to visit UNESTABLISH at http://www.UNESTABLISH.com/preview for a glimpse of what is coming to you this 30th October. Check it out!!