Oct 17, 2011


It's been awhile since I last "spoken" to this blog of mine. Ever since the .com domain was bought, it has always looked as if that's it, the turning point. Well, indeed. A point where I lost my passion for blogging. I once lost the passion from earning with the blog, and for once, I lost everything.

Ok, sorry for indulging myself with a picture of my new found hobby. Figurines. Reliving my childhood hobby has never been this exciting and fun. I know the rifle's out of focus but fuck it.

I lost focus on which direction this blog is heading to.

Politics or should I try to be artistic? I seem to have lost my rhyming flair (if I ever did had any) and I seem to have dropped the old me who loves to think sophisticatedly about something which are minimalistic in reality. I lost the patience to write an article in the most creative manner (me and my self proclaimed creativity with words) and I even don't seem to care bout uploading a picture given the fact I own a DSLR (and I'm not a photographer).

I wonder if someone's out there who seriously knows what I can do best. I'd been introduced to a manga entitled BECK by my classmate recently and it seems to tell me something that I was looking forward to. A band. A rock band. Not your everyday sissy wussy pussy boy band playing with auto tunes. Passion, and talent has been the core value in the storyline. Though I have yet to finish reading the entire manga which was published in 2009, I have a funny feeling and felt a strong resemblance of Koyuki's life and mine. Oh well, musically. Not that I'm talented, but it felt like we both were at the same starting point. The only difference was, I chose the road where most would have taken, and he took the road less travelled.

Two entirely different thing, but somehow seems to be separated by a fine line.

Tell me, which would be your choice if you are only given one chance?

To listen to your heart and do something you're passionate about?
To do what you do best, and set the bar higher every single time?

Shall post a short update on myself, if any of you care to even read at all.