Oct 21, 2011

list of overrated Malaysian bloggers

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I'll be spammed by hate mails, vulgar comments and harsh chat conversations if I truly did stay true to the title. You know, spammed...

maybe not the lite one

I think there are a lot of bloggers in Malaysia that are truly overrated. They blog bout shit with hundreds of similar looking pictures holding the same glass of wine or liquor while doing some reaaaaaaaally hot dance move. I mean, are we that low to even think that those are worthy contents to make a blogger, famous and successful? Like, for fcuking real?

Those were the days where blogging used to be fun and creative. The days where blogging was all about the bloggers commitment in giving quality contents to the readers. Date checked. Month checked. Year checked. Not anymore. The demand for quality contents seem to have gone down the drain. Anyone can actually blog about any shit and still get recognized for their 'work' and 'effort'. Oh not forgetting, they have to be pretty, good looking, and with their fashionable designer bags, blings and skimpy dress.

Mind me, I'm not saying that I'm so gay (i have a girlfriend) that I'm not interested at all with those skin tight mini skirts and a hot girl dancing half drunk at a club shot. It is totally normal for anyone to be checking pictures out, but for those kinda 'content' to be grabbing the attention of the majorities, something is seriously wrong.

If you're just another blogger reading this now, you might have bumped into certain blog post with such content.

Where have all the ideas and creative personnels in the blogosphere went? Or maybe it's all for trend and money that they have to resort to such 'content' where it has the power to generate high amount of traffic.

I'm gonna ask a question, would you mind sharing which blogger in Malaysia that you yourself consider overrated?

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