Oct 19, 2011

made you cringe

I said in the previous post I'm gonna write a short update bout myself. Did I?

I sorta regretted having typed that (though deep inside I know no one's really gonna give a damn bout my post) for I am one hardcore procrastinator.You know, like I get shits done only when I hit the due date.

Anyway, back to the quick update (negativity kicking in) bout me and my boring me! Classes are no longer a routine, at least for a good 3 months or so. Currently I'm attached to The House Projects and no, we don't build houses. We're basically a company which deals with videos and stuffs like that. You know, post production. If you still have no fcuking idea what it is, let's just say... without a post production team, there will not be Optimus Prime going against Sentinel in the big city of Chicago... no Tony Stark flying around releasing plasma beams... no dinosaurs from the Jurassic age causing chaos in the city and yada yada yada. You should be able to get what I'm saying and if you don't, go fcuk yourself.

Out of a sudden, I felt that... that was the only worth update bout myself that should be published here! Oh how pathetic is my life!! My other half actually told me to blog bout my new hobby, which is of cause Marvel Universe figurines. I figure maybe I should do a write up, or even post pictures of them once I'm not that lazy.

Sure thing is life is not as simple as it seems, and by trying to live a minimalistic life, your life actually gets more sophisticated and I have no idea what the fcuk I just said.

Here's some random shit to make you laugh your ass off, literally.

Haha, how pathetic!