Oct 27, 2011

the easiest way to make money from the Internet part 1 - Blog


Yea, pretty stupid answer but yes. It works most of the time provided that you are active and not a procrastinator. I was an active blogger, never said I am still but heck I did earn quite a sum back when I was active. Active in the sense that I blog 3 - 4 times every week. Good (in my context) quality contents. Writing good contents is not and will never be enough if no one notices you or your blog. Sadly, that is what happening today. Refer to my earlier post on why I said that.

You will need good contents alongside with good publicity and there you will get your audience or traffic if you prefer.

You gotta have patient though building up your own traffic. They don't come overnight or in a short period. For some weird reasons, search engines can get a little bias for showing up your blog at the search results. You can write a 5 star content but somehow your page will be located at page 10 or maybe the last page. Reality sucks and that's the world we're living in! Don't get disappointed if your page never did show up at the first or second page of the search result. Just keep doing your thing and you will eventually get there someday.

First time bloggers has got to start off focusing on good quality contents. You can write bout anything, as long as it is a good and solid write up, traffic will come by. Time will tell, and you will see your blog traffic shoot up in no time. Speaking on contents, try to write up on something you do a lot and you like. For example, you like to eat at various posh and funky places, go ahead and write bout food and places. Who knows if you can capture a large group of gluttons to be a regular visitor at your blog?

Good publicity comes in when you have full confidence with your contents. Share your blog address around to your friends in facebook, forums and ask opinions from those who are currently blogging. Seek advice on how to improve your write up or even about the layouts. Remember, it is always good to have someone supporting you from the very start or least someone or something which inspires you. Your motivation level will hit ground zero in no time if you have not any inspiration.

Good contents checked. Good publicity checked. Now where the heck do I get the money?

There are many ways to earn through you blogs. If you don't wish to get a custom domain, or even a dedicated server to host your blog, you can always run your blog off blogger.com or any other free blog host. Just google them up, plenty of them. Once you have your blog started, it's time to place your money makers. Adsense pays you in USD, and Nuffnang pays you in MYR if you're in Malaysia.

The simplest thing to do is just you placing the codes generated on your blog. Once the ads starts to appear, be it a simple text (the google way) or a fancy flash animated banner (the nuffnang way) you know you're on the right path. You don't earn 100 USD overnight and don't be surprised if your earning meters didn't move at all, and be really patient. Look around my blog and you will soon learn that I have already placed my Google Adsense and Nuffnang ads all around. Feel free to check them out and see how they behave if you clicked on them. *evil laughter*

Eventually when you gain a good amount of unique readers on a consistent basis, you will be approach to do product reviews, covering events and etc. You will either be paid 'X' amount of money for 'X' amount of blog post or even given products to be reviewed.

Last words

Don't rush things. Be patience when it comes to earning money from your blog. To simplify things,

Contents -> Traffics -> Ads -> Money

Have faith in the things you do and stay true to what you intend to blog about. There's no point writing and posting a thousand post a day if no one cares to read about what you posted, right?

Hit the comment section below if you have better tips to earn from blogging.