Mar 13, 2011

Changing Waves

While everyone in the world is buzzing about the catastrophic wrath of mother nature in the Land of the Rising Sun, I'm sitting at the comfort of my own room typing this.

First and foremost, lemme reach out to those who are in need of aid, water or food, electricity and energy of any sorts. It's heart wrenching to watch as the water wipes of the coast, and to the city center. The water, with a hint of mud, or vice versa would certainly make the mortal look really weak and tiny. Cars being thrown around, houses obeying the flow of the tides, what a sight, what a horrifying sight. My heart beat pounded heavily as I watch the live-stream via Al-Jazeera and I just couldn't imagine being in that position, facing the monstrous waves. My thoughts are with all of you in Japan. May Gods' grace shine upon Japan and to the people of Japan who are deeply affected by this tragic disaster.

How vulnerable mankind can be? We can build the tallest tower, we can build the longest bridge, we can build the fastest air craft, but can we play God?

Can we play God by building a 100 story tall building?

This incident has taught us something. No matter how well prepared and how experienced you are in handling something you labeled as "routine", you are still bound to fall as we are not match for nature's will.

Could we apply the lesson learnt to the political landscape in Malaysia? Do we need another changing wave for the better of our country? Is there a guaranteed victory for the government? Well, changes need to be done, swiftly.

"A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on."
- Winston Churchill