Jan 7, 2011



I no longer bite my nails.
I no longer sleep on a messy bed.
I no longer work on a dusty table.
I no longer drink from a hair filled mug.
I no longer leave the air-conditioner on before shutting down my car engine.
I no longer drive blindly without directions.

The food on my plate seems to be doubled at times,
Not that I'm complaining,
Because our joint weight will still be the same. lol.

My bed seems to be a smaller place,
With much lesser space to roll around,
But to lose the space, I gained warmth.

My happiness is split into half,
I am not as happy as I used to be,

Because I got someone to share all my smiles and laughters now.
I no longer have my heart to myself.

I am no longer, alone. :)

Can you smile with me, now?