Jan 2, 2011

2011, 20 11

Time seemingly stopped, for a second.

My last post, dated back to a year ago (or 6 days to be precise) was merely a 'cover up' post. Covering up my laziness as it strikes back after reviving my blog. Was in a festive mood (who isn't?) with Christmas, birthday celebrations after celebrations and not to forget what happen 2 days ago. New Year. Okay, another year has gone, 2010.

Blogs around the blogosphere was flooded with bloggers blogging (this ain't a tongue twister) about the ups and downs of 2010. To summarize what most of them posted, self-centered. Yea, that's the word. Everyone blogs about what had happened to them for the past year, in which to me, was very selfish in a way. Okay, you might say it is fair for them to rant or even to be showcasing how bad or well 2010 went. But heck, there are much more bigger issues that are much more important than us, no?

Maybe I'm a lil' too late to be blogging bout the same shit, but hey, better late than never.

Kidding, I'm not blogging about 2010. It's 2011 now.

I have yet to decide to keep this blog as wordy as it has recently became, or to put a lil' cute fancy graphic to lighten the mood up. I don't mean by pinkish retarded glitters all over, but what I really meant was images of stuffs that I see. Ah, forget it.

If you have the patience to read on, you'll get to know me better. I promise to update you every single shit that has bean happening around me, recently. Not 2010.

I guess that's all for now. Oh, you gotta stop cursing me for wasting 5 - 10 minutes of your life.

disclaimer: time wasted may vary based on your reading speed.