Dec 19, 2010


Before you get the perception of me gettin' too lovey dovey and started posting about romance and shits like that, let me set the record straight. I ain't no love doctor nor I am a professional in that field. I was merely expressing my thoughts, nothin' more, nothin' less. I am still in the midst of finalizing the layout and the contents of this blog, so yea, bear with me and the shits I scribble. No, this ain't a love post.

Sometimes, I really wished that I could read what someone have in their mind. Okay, I am not the first person to be this foolish to be dreaming of having mind reading capabilities. No, never in a million years I think to myself. What's the excitement if we can read minds? Life will be so predictable and seems so unchallenged. What if I say, I almost have that ability, literally.

As I continue to speak to more people, to communicate with them through various mediums, I started to realize that 'mind reading' is possible. Indeed, it require no miracles. The only things needed are a little attention and observation. Do you notice that sometimes, there is just something about that someone that made you feel as if you know what they will do? No, you don't have mind reading abilities. It is your sub-conscious mind playing games with you. You know it, and you don't know that you know it.

I get frustrated to know what I predicted is true, well, most of the time. I am no God, nor am I anywhere close to being godlike, but sometimes, some people do make it obvious through their body language and the way they communicate with you, non-verbally.

If you have it in your mind, say it. I believed we, at least I think I am, is old (no puns intended) enough to not participate in all this mind-oh-so-interesting games. I do get tired of being surrounded by people who just thinks (intentionally) that I can read minds. Well, lemme tell you, I can't.

Please, if you mean it, say it.
Do I fancy empty promises? No.
Do I commit to something I can't submit myself into? No.
Can I read your mind? No.

I am sick and tired of people committing, but not performing. If you don't have the passion or the burning desire deep within, it is better for you to let go.

"A high performing team requires high performance team members."