Dec 16, 2010


A very unlikely way to revive my blog.

Changed my own domain, a ".com" it is and also the layout. If you haven't noticed or realized it, do update your bookmarks, blogroll, and whatever you wanna call it. Anyway, if you're lazy to do so, you can still access my blog via the old URL @ and you'll be redirected here.

Anyway, my bad for not updating my blog as frequent as I would love too, due to my hectic life and to make matters worse, I'm pretty messed up with my own time management. Sometimes I feel like I only have 3 hours and 43 mins a day. I always wanted this blog to be pretty mainstream and to write things people love to read, but things changed and my view towards mainstream blogging along with its industry changed, in a descending order. There's no point pleasing the world, but myself. You can still see my old post and how bubbly some post can be. From now onwards, I guess I'm gonna play it hard, and just write what I wanna write with no restrictions, no boundaries.

Some might wonder, where did all my poems went? Why none is being posted recently? Did no one inspired me to write? Okay, when I said some might wonder, I also mean, none ever wondered or even care to read 'em. The answer is pretty simple, I get inspired too easily in the past, and to write with the purpose of rhyming and to express my feelings (at that very moment). Things changed, I learned to appreciate the people around me more, the love they showed and showered upon me. It's so real sometimes it seems so surreal to me. One thing I learned for the past months being inactive, action speaks louder than words. What's the point of writing so much, when you don't have the passion to fulfill what you preached? There's no point talking if you yourself is not listening.

I'm here to prove a point, or at least try to make a difference in the world I live in today.

I want a good start, a head start.