Dec 16, 2010


Love, a word spoken by millions and billions of people around the world. At the moment you're reading this, someone on the other side is expressing their love to the loved ones. Now the question is, do you love someone at this very moment? Your family, your neighbor, your co-workers, your friends, your lover, and most importantly yourself. Love has done us good, and bad at the same time. I personally believe love can either make you, or break you.

How do you measure love? Care? Attention? Time? Words? How do you know when you're in love? When you can't stop thinking bout someone, is that love? When you wanna take good care of that someone, is that love? You yearned for love, and you wanna loved, but what exactly is love?

It has been said many times and many ways, love is unconditional, love is not selfish, love is kind, but to me, this is the most difficult question ever asked by mankind. I know not the specific answer, and so do you. We know not exactly how it feels like, but when we do feel it, we know how much it plays around our mind.

Is love all about missing that someone, and having the urge to see them all the time? Is love all about being there with your physical presence to your loved ones? Is love about sacrificing everything, including yourself, in the name of love.

Some people takes the word love very lightly. Indeed, too light as if the word worth nothing at all. Do you express how much you love someone, when you yourself have no idea what is love? Do you? Well, I don't. Love is not a game, love is nothing to be ashamed of, love is indeed a gift, a gift where no money can ever buy, no time can change its path and direction. Love is about your inner emotions in every inch of your body, your feelings buried in every fiber of your heart, some strong feeling that you just can't describe.

I don't have the specific answer to the question, but I know exactly, how it feels like, and how it looks like.

Let me know how do you define, love?