Dec 6, 2010

Everyone Connects!

Everyone Connects!

Anyone of you out there is attached to iTalk Whoa?? If you’re not hooked into it yet, join me and let’s get hooked together! I promised that you’ll be having loads of fun there as I myself simply can’t live it at the moment. Oh, what’s another good thing about iTalk Whoa? The rates are still as low as ever! No price hike hike all... unlike some other THINGS in our country, we get only the best rate from TM!

I’m here to tell you guys about some other happening event organised by no other than TM. 2 weeks ago, they organised a party at the Curve to celebrate the 1st Anniversary of the Everyone Connects campaign. What is Everyone Connects and what great features it offers? Easy, I’ll let you know if you promise to scroll down aite!!


First off, Everyone Connects is an interactive website who resides at where fans will be able to interact within their own communities, send greetings to one another, listen to music, view sporting events and movies as well as participate in more interactive and upcoming events.

The new and revamped site, has included 4 new interesting features that will surely hook you up! First off, the Stadium! No la, they don’t have a full sized stadium in the site. What they do have is a virtual sports locker room. From here, fans will be able to access “hot off the pitch” features which showcase news, highlights, interviews and videos from Manchester United TV or MUTV. These rich football content are offered by TM in collaboration with Manchester United as the Official Integrated Telecommunications Partner of Manchester United in Malaysia.

Another feature of the webpage is a game play board that also serves as a chat room for fans.


Next, it’s the Jamming Garage which lets you enjoy music in no other comforts but at you own home! This studio features “Camp Bunkface”, where fans can get all the information they need about Bunkface, listen to their songs and watch video previews as well as exchange music information.

Are you an avid movie lover? Can’t live without movies??? Ditch the cinema and come SINI MAA!! Sini Maa is a playful webpage for movies. This webpage highlights movie trailers and videos available on Hypptv (UniFi), and (web channels) including video clips from Pilih Kasih, the acting reality program sponsored by TM. The webpage also features Movie Buzz, a chat room for film buffs. So now, SINI MAA or cinema?? Sini la!

Other than those modern and funky features, TM also gives the fans of EveryoneConnects a chance to share love message and greetings among one another. The Open House is designed to appeal to all Malaysians and features video wishes, a wish board called Spread Some Love, and a selection of personalized e-cards for the user’s selection. 1Malaysia!

In addition to that, fans can personalize their avatar to their liking. Everyone is unique there so don’t feel like you’re left out okay!?

Eh you know what? Time is running out, I have to check out the contents there @ right awayyyyyyy! See you there okay!