Dec 25, 2010

Christmas, the other way round

Pardon my 4.53 am Christmas 'morning' blog post.

Lemme not make it sound any more formal, but right now, I'm having loads of shit merry-going-around my mind. The up and coming company that my team is building up to, the future plans of my council (damn why am I a student leader?) and also currently listening to Necronomichrist via "sign me to roadrunner records". I thought it was a pretty neat and much needed campaign for metal fans and music enthusiast like me. A good way to bring up local underground metal bands, and scouts alike. Interesting, if you're into metal music, have a look. Who knows you might be the next Ozzy Osbourne or you might just scout the next Kurt Cobain. Wait, the world needs something new, not them. Hell, before I start to drift further and further away into the abyss (epic sounding word will increase the value of my post), I shall lead you back to what I have to say.

Merry Christmas.

What's so merry about Christmas? Well, it certainly is a great day to remember and appreciate the great gifts of God albeit listening to songs opposing the gratefulness of it all. Anyway, people tend to say what Christmas is all about, why it even existed in the first place. Lemme tell you, I ain't gonna say what Christmas means to me, but I'm gonna share, what Christmas is NOT to me. I shall repeat my words and bold them too.

What Christmas is not to me?

Christmas is not about fancy red hats, nor it's about Santa and his gifts. Christmas to me, was never meant to be a time for being materialistic. Never once that it ever crossed my mind, red box and fancy ribbons. Christmas was never about singing praise to one another, and never meant it anyway. I don't see a point preaching something that you yourself will not buy. Is Christmas all about asking, asking, asking, and asking from a man we don't even (or pretty certain we all do) know existed. Santa, St.Nicholas, the fat guy in red, is he the devil in disguise? Must we ask and be tempted by all that he give, to fulfill our temporary lust for achievements, are you willing to sell your soul to the devil? There goes the old saying, "be careful what with you wish for", indeed, be cautios, really. Christmas was never about gifts (though those whom received iPads and iPhones might object strongly). Did I emphasize on that too much? I hope I didn't cuz I think I did annoyed myself in the process to be honest.

Christmas, was supposed to be a celebration celebrating our life, the birth of the Saviour. So when did the 'gifts' even come close to that? Okay, debate all you want, gift = life, and life = gift. It's the chicken and egg situation again (but it has been scientifically proven that chicken came first). But hell no. Wait, what?

Christmas to me, is, oh yea, I'm actually stating out my opinion and to give you guys what ideas I have on Christmas. You can either agree with me, or not. Obvious ain't it?

Christmas is, a time where we celebrate the life we have now. Our life has always been a gift (can money buy this gift?), a gift where we often forget that is precious and irreplaceable. A gift where no one can give us, but the one above (pagans shut up). Life, as we live today, is filled with love. Your co-workers, your family, your friends, and every single one. I remembered mentioning this shit in a post or two ago where I said 'love yourself' or some shit like that. Yes indeed, a celebration to celebrate the birth of the Saviour (disagree? digest what it symbolizes then) and also the love He brought to us. Not Santa, why Satan? Oops, typo, Santa.

Why are we tied to what we own physically? Do we really have to be materialistic while abandoning the true meaning of this celebration? A celebration of life and love. Do we really need something that we can touch, to be happy? Tell me, will you be happy without life and love? No. A big strong and solid NO. You can't, neither can I. The core value that makes us happy, is something that we can't see and yet we choose to ignore them.

Sometimes, we gotta learn to move on to actually realize, what makes us and the others around us happy. I don't know bout you, but to me, giving love means to actually see how others share their smile and laughters. It's not about contract binding, to own is to love and to love is to own. Never was love meant to be that way. There are many things that come and go in life, but life goes on. That saying has been said many times, and many ways. Life stays as it is, because life is the reason we are here today. Am I gonna be happy to see people around me unhappy? Well, no. Do I feel sad if I didn't get to see Santa tonight? I don't, because what makes me happy isn't his gifts, nor his magical flying reindeer, but it's the warmth that I'm blessed with, my family, and friends, Santa couldn't give me all these. That is what that has made me happy. Not gifts, no shits like that.

My humble opinion suggests that, Christmas is a celebration of giving love, not asking.

And oh, Merry Christmas :)