Aug 16, 2010

iTalk WHOA Special IDD RATES!!

First of all, Salam Ramadan to all my Muslim brothers and sisters, friends and readers alike. You guys might be noticing, my blog wasn’t updated for the past 2 weeks. Oh well, I’m in love and there is nothing interesting for me to update! That’s the problem, not that I’m lazy!

Just a few days back, I was given information about something that will… certainly interest everyone. Do you guys remember iTalk Whoa!? The great people in TM has done it again! If you thought the previous post has given you some low and cheap a$$ rate, think again! Your WHOA! Might just go WHOOOAAAAAAAAAAAA! this time around when u see the new rates for 3 countries.

Starting from 10th August 2010 until 30th September 2010, the new rates for the following International(IDD) call rates to fixed and mobile will be as low as 9cents/30 seconds.

Bangladesh – 9sen/30 seconds
Indonesia - 10sen/30 seconds
Pakistan – 20sen/30 seconds

Did you just went WHOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! You must have been thinking the people in TM is psychic or something! No la, not psycho, psychic! They just know how to milk a crowd!

Not only the call rates went flat because everyone was rolling on floor laughing now, *lame* , you will even get FREE BONUS CREDITS if you activate you iTalk account between 1st September until 31st October 2010! WHOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! How much??? I tell you, damn good deal ok.

iTalk RM 50 – bonus RM 10 credit
iTalk RM 30 – bonus RM 6 credit
iTalk Rm 20 – bonus RM 4 credit.

You see! All you gotta do is activate and there you go, free money! Who say this world don’t have free lunch??? TM has proven them wrong, AGAIN!! So what you waiting for?



Still reading? Go and get yours today and start calling!