Jun 21, 2010


Did you guys really take an effort after reading my previous post about …


Yes?? No?? If your answer is NO!! I’ll give you more reasons to drag you into paradise with iTalk WHOA!!
Did I mention registration is free? Just in case you guys didn’t know, it is FREE! Like, totally FREEEEEE! You might be thinking, “Where got such things as free things one? Malaysia wor!”. The fact is, you register for free… you get to use services such as twitter.. facebook… youtube… and many more for free! As I mentioned in the previous post, you get to do everything with one portal. By opening one single tab and handling so many sites at once really slows my PC down sometimes! With the optimized interface and resources needed… I can now surf simultaneously and multitask without a problem with my old school system!


After I registered, the dark sky suddenly turned bright! No kidding! I heard a loud BANG and so I turned around to see… to see this lying on the floor!


Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee credit! The kind people gave me RM 5 to spend on! I got RM 5 without even doing a thing! So what do you say? Aren’t those people in TM kind? There’s a reason why they gave me the free credit, so I can test out the features, and report to you guys! Sharing is caring, and by sharing gooooooood stuff, I get good karma ok! You better believe it!
You all might think this is a hoax or something like that, I know cuz I’m Malaysian too! Do you get money out of a sudden? No right, let me prove you wrong.. as I entered the lucky pin number given to my account… I see this!

RM 5

See! RM 5 and the validity period are almost... IMBA! 5 bucks can last you that long, imagine you reload with 3 digits… I failed my maths so you do the calculation but I’m pretty sure before you can finish using the credit up, your face will be full of beard!

As for me, I have not used any of the credits yet because I’m saving for the big occasion! What is it? World Cup 2010! I actually have a few friends that will be there during that big occasion! Better save the credit to call them! Besides, the rates are damnnnn low till sometimes I wonder if iTalk WHOA is making life easy for us, or is it actually a charity!?
So I made a point to not call them till they’re in South Africa! You should know that time is not that good, inflation and all those sorta stuff, everything that we need to pay, and we’ll need to pay more! But surprisingly, the IDD rate for iTalk WHOA! Is different! Seriously it’s either they have a very good business module or the people in TM are all magicians!

Check out the IDD rate for South Africa, if we were to call up our friends there to get the latest results!

south africa

WHOAAAA! Cheap!? If you say it’s not, then you take a few sleeping pills and sleep now. I think the only place you can get anything cheaper than that is in your dreams! HAHAHAHA.
54 cents for calling a fixed line and 70 cents for a mobile line? If you can find a better deal let me know! To get hold of all the rates, feel free to click this link below!


I just forwarded that URL to my friend that will be in South Africa really soon… he just replied me with one picture… wanna see?

Scroll down!!