Apr 25, 2010


I don't know if anyone actually realized that I removed Nuffnang from my blog. Nothing personal, but I sorta dislike (hate is a strong word to use) the way they work. For those who knows what actually happen at the back-end, you will know what I'm talking about.

I'm not speaking for myself, but on behalf on many other great bloggers in which are not rewarded as they're supposed to. Now don't get me wrong, I do earn from Nuffnang, not to say too much, but yea reasonable judging on the quality of my blog (way below average). Let me be honest, the amount of revenues I got from Google Adsense is much higher compared to Nuffnang. Now you do the thinking. "Adsense reward the bloggers based on performance", I'm not gonna go in detail but that the way it is suppose to be. Many might get upset with this post (if only people do read) but hey, it's the fact. The reality. The world we're living in.

To take them off is not an easy decision nor it's tough one. The truth is, the real passion of blogging does not seem to be the main reason of the skyrocketing number of blogs we see each day, well at least domestically. People tend to associate money and blogs, in which to a certain extend could be a good thing. But money defeats the main purpose, our passion, our love. Back in those days, bloggers blog just because they wanna share information, or just to let the loved ones know what they're up to. Don't get me wrong again, there are still a handful of bloggers still doing that, but most of the bloggers around, (majority or minority, i do not know) sees the dollar sign as a reason for them to keep on blogging. Yes, the debate will go on and on and on, killing two birds with one stone, but heck who can say they're really doing it in the name of passion? I can't, can you? How would you feel if you're paid X amount of money for a post (or a few post) which you blogged about using your experience and passion? Do you put a price tag on something that you do sincerely with all your heart? I don't.

Yea, their mission is to put the bucks while people are doing something they really enjoy. Well, true for starters. Ask yourself, do you find yourself checking your account dashboard to see if the 20 cents or 2 ringgit is credited to your account? Well if you do, very good. But the fact is, do you know how much the others are earning? The so-called celebrity bloggers, or superstars? That's a question, I knew not it either. But if you do, how would feel when you're paid a penny when they're paid... err... a couple penny (i know it's wrong but the correct one sounded wrong too) more than you? (it's a metaphor btw). Once again, I'm not pointing fingers at myself nor anyone, I'm just creating an awareness, how true is it, I don't know. Like I mentioned, if you're really the kind that checks your dashboard for the ever increasing but never numbers in you account, you're not taking blogging as your passion no more, but instead, using it as a tool to make earnings that you're not supposed to be getting. (reverse psychology, you should be earning more than that if you're paid based on quality of contents).

Okay, the debate of earnings based on traffic. True. More traffic generally or rather practically means more revenue. What I'm saying is, that is something in which I find sorta ridiculous but somehow that's how the world works. Most blogs, with a cute/pretty/kawaii/sexy/hot/and whatever blogger tends to generate a lot of traffics. But hey, wake up. Read up the post, tell me if psychical charm or quality contents should be the core of a good blog? Now, if you can give yourself a logical answer, then you'll know how unfair this business plan is. There are great and very well written blogs, but somehow they don't generate very high traffics (not all, no stereotyping games here) as compared to blogs by bloggers who are cute/pretty/kawaii/sexy/hot who post nothing but images of them doing stuff which doesn't make sense! It's pretty sick to see people get rated on their outlooks, but not for their work and effort in this industry. Take for example, how many 'singers' can really sing in the mainstream industry? Yes, a handful of them, but bear in mind that a handful of them is there just because they look good. Yes, Hollywood too, sex sells. What I'm saying is, they should be rewarding bloggers who write and blogs with their heart, instead of those who just generates traffic with (or little) quality in their posting. Having said so, those who really blogs for the sake of blogging would not mind dropping the dollars from Nuffnang.

How sad can it be when we slaved ourselves for the sake of the mainstream?
How do you define the word professionalism ?

I hope I don't get hate comments for this blog post, but hey, if I do, please be nice :)
I'm expecting someone to be thinking (commenting) how big of a hypocrite I am.