Apr 13, 2010

iTalk WHOA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *jaws dropping*

Dear readers,

I wanna ask you guys a few questions. You might wonder why I sound so serious out of a sudden. Why shouldn’t I be serious? This, this is it. This is serious business. Here is the list of questions

Do you send emails to your employer telling them you’re sick and couldn’t make it work?
Do you send text messages to your friends to ask where should be the hang out spot tonight?
Do you make phone calls to your parents asking how they’re doing and their whereabouts?
Do you use instant messaging services such as Windows Live to catch up with your mates?
Do you read news from the internet so you’re always up to date?

Well if you do all those above, it’s kinda hectic to keep up with the entire task from different sites or even devices! Why trouble yourself with that hectic lifestyle when you can have a…


Okay maybe I should slow down a bit! Here’s a good example of why technology and creative people are making our lives easier. Check out the questions above, those are 5 of the most commonly used applications today. If you disagree, most probably you’re lying. Lol. Don’t you think it’s kinda problematic to accommodate yourself to those applications? Have you ever thought of the applications accommodating you, instead of you doing so? I don’t know if it’s possible before this, but it sure do now.

Thanks to the beautiful people in TM, now we have iTalk Whoa!


iTalk WHOA! Lets you stay connected to your friends without the hassles of logging in to several websites. So basically, all the task mention above such as sending emails, short text messages, checking on your friend’s Facebook status update or even making a long distance call, it all can be done with just one click!

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to do it all with iTalk WHOA! , the one stop portal to replace all the countless sites you visit.

Check it out and find out more at www.iTalkwhoa.com